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Top Brain Games that Improve a Student’s Focus and Attention

Posted by Gabe Nelson on January 18, 2021 at 2:51 PM

improve attentionBeing a student can be a full-time job, and pupils from kindergarten all the way to higher education have the daunting task of keeping themselves focused and their full attention on their studies to absorb the broad range of information and knowledge day by day.  

One of the best ways for students to improve their focus and attention is to play fun and engaging brain games!

Playing games designed to activate different parts of the brain is the perfect way for younger and older students to work on their attention span and sharpen their minds!

Luckily, there are hundreds of interesting and entertaining brain games for all ages to keep students busy. Everything from basic jigsaw puzzles to online brain games can help them grow their minds for their future academic endeavours!

Card Games

Card games have been around for centuries and people from all different walks of life have been using simple and complicated card games to sharpen their minds and improve their brain function! There are hundreds of unique and engaging card games to learn and play solo or with friends and family. They will exercise the brain and provide a lifetime of educational enjoyment for all ages!

One of the most versatile mediums of brain games, there is a myriad of card games to choose from but there are a few that have taken center stage as the most enjoyable and most constructive for improving focus and attention spans. 

Solitaire is one of the most popular card games because it can be played with one deck of classic playing cards and by oneself. It can be played for hours on end with an endless number of sequences and rounds to play through!

Matching is another fun game that will push your memory and attention span to their limits. It can be played with any deck of cards, any number of cards, and by yourself or with the whole family! 

Shuffle a deck of cards and place them all face down on the playing surface without looking at the faces of any of the cards. Each player takes turns flipping over two cards to see if they can remember which faces are where, and pair them to make a match!

This game forces players to keep track of which cards they flipped over, what faces they saw, and where they are on the playing field, engaging key areas of the brain and strengthening the memory!

With so many different and interesting card games to try and master, getting a deck of cards in the hands of a student is one of the best ways to help them improve their focus and attention for their future!


Another great way to help students strengthen and grow their brains is getting them honing their focus is on a good puzzle! There are many different types of puzzles available in a variety of difficulty levels for pupils of all ages!

The traditional jigsaw puzzle is the most common form of puzzle available. Jigsaw puzzles come in an endless variety of shapes, sizes, and colors! Many have beautifully intricate pictures on them to encourage the puzzle solver to put all the pieces together to see the full picture!

puzzles to improve attentionPuzzles require the participants to sort through the many different pieces and place each piece of the puzzle in its proper place only using the snippet of the image on the pieces and the full picture on the box.

Along with the classic jigsaw puzzle, there are dozens of different puzzle games and toys to play that can also improve focus and attention! 

Many stores sell books of visual and mental puzzles to think through and rack your brain trying to solve! As well as written puzzles there are hundreds of fun physical puzzles such as rubix cubes, fidget toys, and puzzle balls!

Taking time to sit down and enjoy a good puzzle, allowing your mind to put itself to the test to find the solution is a great way to strengthen your brain and improve your focus and attention for the academic realm!


Most often used in schools for helping students train their brains to take in and remember large amounts of information, playing trivia games is a great way to encourage young audiences to focus on learning and help the older ones enjoy their studying!

Trivia games are simple and can focus on any subject with any number of questions! Just settle on a subject matter and compile a list of quick questions that are appropriate for the age group or difficulty of the game. Quiz yourself or take turns quizzing everyone in the group!

Making time to play fun and educational trivia games is the perfect way to improve focus and attention for your studies by turning your homework into an enjoyable game!

Online Alternatives 

The internet is becoming more and more involved in how students learn and study, and subsequently all the useful and fun brain games that students use to sharpen their minds in the real world have made their way online!

Just about any brain games that you can play in the real world and find in stores can be found on the internet! There are millions of different fun brain games that can be found online for free with a quick search!

Not only has the internet made brain games more accessible and more attractive to the younger generations, playing games online opens a whole new world of possibilities concerning versions of the games, tracking your progress, and connecting with other eager learners!

Many websites offer a wide selection of different versions of the same game! Each game has several versions that add different new things to the game for many more hours of enjoyment!

Along with new additions to the game and a wider range of games to play, many websites offer ways to track your progress and scores in learning! Playing the brain games over and over again and then tracking your progress through scores or times is a very easy way to have fun while studying and training your mind using tools built into the games!

While experiencing a brand-new range of brain games and tracking our progress, playing online games also allows you to connect and play with millions of people all across the world! Using the internet to battle it out in online brain games is a perfect way to help yourself and other work on their studying skills!

Wrapping Up the Fun

While studying, doing homework, and learning in general, can be exhausting and boring. But combining your studying with fun brain games is the perfect way to take the mundane task to the next level!

Taking steps to improve your focus and attention is an important step in developing good study habits and making productive changes for your academic future! 

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