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Tips for Parents of Children Learning English as a Second Language

Posted by Peter Barnes on August 24, 2014 at 7:59 PM

Girl learning English as a second Language with Fast ForWordLast week I read an article for parents of bilingual children.

It had 8 tips that can be helpful if you are raising a bilingual or multi-lingual child, regardless of what language they are learning.

Learning English as a second language - Here is some more information that might also be helpful if your children (or you) are learning English:

When you learn a second language – any language including English – there will be sounds in that language that may not occur in your mother tongue. If your brain has not been attuned to these sounds, you may find it difficult to pronounce them.

There are 44 sounds in the English language but only 26 letters to represent  those sounds. This can be a problem for those learning to read and write English as a second language.

Many of the words in English are derived from older languages like Greek, Latin, German, French and Old English. So many English spelling combinations seem quite foreign to new English language learners.

To learn read and write English competently, you need to have a very strong understanding of the relationship between all of the spelling combinations that represent those 44 sounds of English.

So if you or your child is learning English, you can speed up the process by fine tuning the brain to English sounds and grammar with the Fast ForWord programs. 

These computer delivered programs “wire” the English sounds into the brain faster and more strongly that if the sounds are just heard in conversations. This is because Fast ForWord provides many more repetitions of the sounds in each 30 minute exercise session, than can be heard in other situations when English is spoken.

10 Tips for Teaching ESL Students

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