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Tips for Kickstarting Your Child's Career In Social Media

Posted by Jane Shearer on February 15, 2021 at 11:41 AM

career in social mediaMore than 3.8 billion people use social media, making it a powerful tool for businesses to market themselves and for anyone to reach a large audience. For those looking into a career in the field, such as a position in social media marketing or management, knowing where to start your education journey can be daunting.

However, by taking a few courses and simply gaining your own first hand experience, you can effectively learn the basics of using social platforms, all the while gaining valuable skills that can kickstart your dream social media career.

The value in learning the basics

Learning the basics of marketing is a major way to kickstart a career in social media, as it’s a necessity for a number of careers, such as a content creator or digital marketing manager. A formal degree in marketing can certainly be beneficial in knowing the ins and outs of the subject from a business perspective (as well as securing a higher level position).

But it’s likely not to be a requirement for many entry level positions. In fact, by taking an online course, such as those offered by Coursera, you can effectively learn key aspects involved in social media marketing — including topics like social analytics and how to create a solid marketing strategy.

Gaining experience first hand

Launching a side project like a podcast and setting up corresponding social media profiles is a great way to gain valuable first-hand experience in social media, and can help you become more comfortable and proficient in navigating different platforms and marketing.

However, there are a few things to keep in mind during the creation process. For example, when starting your podcast, you’ll need to create a marketable brand by finding an appropriate niche, and create quality podcast episodes. This goes hand in hand with social media marketing success, when creating quality posts is paramount. One great way to nail the basics of creating a solid and successful podcast is by taking a free podcasting course, which can help greatly when it comes to things like choosing the right niche, podcast name, and other technical aspects, such as cover art. 

Creating a solid schedule

Learning to master your social media and marketing skills isn’t easy, and will likely take a lot of trial and error in order to learn what works and what doesn’t. However, by sticking with it, you’ll learn a myriad of valuable lessons and skills that can help you to land your desired social media position.

Keeping a consistent schedule is arguably a major part of doing so successfully. With that in mind, social media content planning is a great skill to stay active online, be consistent with your posts, and generally be organized. In fact, Facebook’s free courses are a great way to learn skills like creating a content calendar, which is a fantastic tool to help you stick to your social media goals, as well as bring you peace of mind in knowing you have great content mapped out ahead of time.

When looking into a career that involves social media, knowing where to start can be stressful. However, by making use of online courses and launching your own side project like a podcast, you can learn valuable marketing skills and gain experience that can help you to kickstart a successful career in social media.

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