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Learning Capacity Podcast: Conversations About Learning & Neuroscience

Posted by Peter Barnes on July 15, 2015 at 1:41 PM

learning_capacity_blogHow do you like to get your information and learn new things? By reading?  Watching videos? Attending classes? Listening to audio? 

Probably some combination of these. They all have their benefits and drawbacks depending on your preferred learning style (visual, auditory, kinaesthetic) what you're trying to learn, and where you are at the time.

Listening to audio, for example the radio or podcasts, has the advantage of allowing you to do something else at the same time. I don't read when I'm driving, of course, or while getting breakfast. But I do listen to the news and current affairs programs and also to podcasts that interest me.

New Learning Capacity Podcast

You can now listen to expert interviews, discussions and information about learning, learning capacity, learning difficulties and educational neuroscience on the newLearnFast Learning Capacity Podcast.  (also on iTunes , Stitcher Radio and Tunein Radio).

Featuring interviews with specialists in education and learning, including speech language pathologists, neuroscientists, educators, academics and parents, the Learning Capacity Podcast brings you the latest from research on how to improve the learning capacity of all people, particularly school aged children. The content is aimed at both remedial applications, and also learning enhancement and enrichment. 

Hear interviews with:

  • Neuroscientist Dr Martha Burns (dyslexia, reading & listening)
  • Speech pathologist and reading expert Devon Barnes (auditory processing disorder)
  • Maths specialist David Stanley (maths relationships, multiplication tables, rote learning, and neuroscience)

Listen to discussions about:

  • Building student learning capacity
  • The importance of language & literacy skills for all subjects including STEM subjects
  • How a mother finally found a solution for her son’s learning difficulties after searching for 18 months

Here are direct links to some of the Podcasts

Dyslexia is not a disorder – it’s about brain organisation

Auditory Processing Disorder – understanding & managing at school

Auditory Processing Disorder – understanding & managing at home

Dyslexia – understanding & managing it

Building learning capacity: for better language, literacy & STEM skills

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