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"Just Try Harder" Will Not Fix Your Child's Learning Difficulties

Posted by Peter Barnes on December 18, 2014 at 10:55 AM

learning difficultiesHas your child ever been told by his or her teacher to "just try harder"? Have you thought that their difficulties with reading, maths or inability to keep up in class would be fixed if they would just put in a bit more effort?

While this may be a common reaction by adults to a child they think could do better, it is not the answer for children with learning difficulties. No matter how hard they try, a child with learning challenges just can't achieve the desired result because their brains won't let them. 

Learning difficulties are complex.  They are caused by a difference in their brain's "wiring" which can result in an auditory processing disorder, attention difficulties, vision, or movement challenges and other conditions that interfere with learning.

They don't need to be told to try harder. They need support. This is the theme of a new book, "Thinking Differently: An Inspiring Guide for Parents of Children with Learning Difficulties", by David Flink.  David struggled through school with dyslexia and ADHD, but managed to go on to university where he achieved a Masters Degree in Disability Studies in Education from Columbia University in New York, USA.

His book draws on his personal experiences and offers strategies for teaching, parenting and supporting children with learning difficulties.

Learn more about the book

Interested in self-regulation strategies for students with learning difficulties?  Download our eBook.


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