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Improving Student Learning Capacity - for better student outcomes

Posted by Peter Barnes on June 6, 2014 at 3:20 PM

Today's classroom is more academically diverse than over. And even though schools offer a variety of programs and resources some learners continue to perform below grade level. So how can teachers accelerate learning for every student? It all starts with the brain.

With help, students can strengthen foundational learning pathways in the brain. Dramatically increasing their capacity to learn. That's exactly what Fast ForWord does. Quickly transforming students into better learners across all areas of study.

Learning capacityLearners who can absorb information faster, pay closer attention, and remember more of what they are taught. That's because Fast ForWord develops not only reading and language skill, but also the cognitive skills of memory, attention, processing and sequencing that are key to learning.

No other program for K-12 learners develops all these skills at the same time. It's a targeted workout for the brain. Fast ForWord sets each student on a differentiated learning path based on age and assessment results. Then it keeps on adapting to the learning with every click of the mouse.

Graphical reports let teachers see how their students are progressing and quickly pin-point those who need extra help. At the same time, region administrators can easily see student gains at each school and region wide.

Does Fast ForWord really work?

An independent study commissioned by the Nevada Department of Education evaluated 24 educational programs being used in their school and rated Fast ForWord as having the highest impact of all.

See for yourself why thousands of school are using Fast ForWord as a cost effective way to accelerate student learning and make teaching more rewarding by downloading the Nevada State Education Department Study.

Download Nevada Study

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