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How to Help Your Child Settle into a New Primary School

Posted by Jane Shearer on December 7, 2021 at 3:15 PM

Settling into schoolEvery year many children move to a new school.

And as Covid makes working from home more common, prompting parents to relocate away from big cities, even more students may be faced with the challenge of integrating into another school.

Generally, there are three times in a child’s life when they must deal with education-related change: starting pre-school, moving to primary school and moving to secondary school.

When a child is starting school, they are generally with other children who are all new starters too. But if you have relocated to a new area, your child may be the only new student and it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. Fortunately, there are ways that you can help them.

Here are some tips for settling your child into a new primary school so that they can enjoy the experience and learn successfully

Take a school tour 

Going to visit the new school and getting a tour before your child's first day can help them to settle in better, as everything will seem a bit more familiar from the outset.

Meet your child’s new teacher

Having a chat with your child’s new teacher can help you to both understand the daily routine of school, and get to grips with what is expected of them. Primary age children generally thrive on routine, and they like to know what is happening each day. For instance, which days will they have sports or swimming, and which days are the after school clubs.

When you are relocating with school-age children, it is important to get them settled quickly, and knowing their routine in advance can really help. 

Get to know the other parents 

Starting a new school isn’t just an experience for your child. You will be meeting a whole new group of parents too, and this is important. When your child is starting to make friends, by chatting with other parents, you will be able to arrange play-dates, trips to the park and other social time out of school. This will help both you and your child fit in with the new school community quickly. 

Get to know the curriculum

Each year group in primary school has a set curriculum that outlines the expectations for children’s learning.

It will help you support your child’s learning if you know what will be covered in their new school. You can then have informal chats with your child about the subjects that they are learning. This will help them to feel more confident with the learning material in their new school.

Settling your child settled in their new school as soon as possible will enable them concentrate on making new friends and enjoying their education experience. 

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