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Helping Your Kids Make Education Choices to Maximise Career Chances

Posted by Jane Shearer on April 14, 2020 at 10:14 AM

Maximise career chancesWhen it comes to success markers, 91 per cent of millennials say career progression is their number one priority, according to a recent survey by recruitment specialist, Robert Walters. Workers are no longer looking for jobs, but are seeking careers and professional development instead.

Approximately 58 per cent of them would change jobs if it meant more learning and career development opportunities. As those seeking learning opportunities increase, parents need to adapt their children’s learning techniques as they prepare them to enter the world of work.

Helping children prepare for their careers no longer just refers to helping them succeed in their science lessons or maths homework. Rather, it now includes helping your child maximise their chances in their chosen career from the very start.
Help Them Research Individual Industry Hiring And Demand Trends

To kick start their career on the fast track, young people and their parents need to be aware of the industry environment before choosing their training options. This allows your child to tailor their education and skill set specifically to the current gaps in the job market, increasing their chances of getting hired quickly and being a valued employee.

In addition to researching the most in-demand jobs, you can help your child check out the fastest-growing industries or jobs when you are discussing their college or professional training options. Online job sites not only provide insight into current growth industries, but also alert you of any expected pay rises — such as Australia’s healthcare system's impending 3.2 percent pay hike this year.

Suggest That They Specialise If They Can

To increase their chances of career advancement, your children should specialise. The generalist versus specialist career pathway argument has been an ongoing one for years. While there is merit to both sides of the argument, it does not hurt if you can adapt to the situation i.e. showing you have specialist skills when needed and vice versa.

So while it is helpful to gain experience across a broad range of industries and job roles, have a discussion with your child about investing in specialisation courses when completing their college degree or even as a post-education course.

If they are in the midst of a job search, they can research potential companies, and their specialisations to get a glimpse of the skills they will value. Alternatively, information on trending specialisations or those jobs that are most in-demand currently is easily accessible online using annual job and industry trend reports. Another reason for them to pursue a specialisation is to use those skills as a career backup. As a bonus, those with specialisation skills tend to command higher salaries.

Sign Them Up For Professional Job Hunting Courses

Career advancement does not just rely on an employee’s educational background but also on their job preparation skills.

Job preparation courses such as resume writing or interview training can help your child stand out and paint an impressive professional picture to employers. Being prepared can also help them command higher pay during your job interviews.

Each vacancy can attract up to 250 applicants and some experts estimate only 2 percent of them get to the interview stage, making it even more important that their CV is perfectly written. Crafting a suitable CV takes adaptability and certain writing styles to ensure their resume stands apart from the rest of the applicants.

Take advantage of online resources such as resume templates and job hunt how-tos from recruitment agencies. For at-home training, check out online learning platforms such as Coursera and FutureLearn, both of which offer e-learning courses like How To Succeed At: Interviews. They are flexible so they can be done alongside high school or college studies and often offers useful tips on how to master the job application process.

Preparing your child for the world of work does not take a set path. For each parent and child, the learning process can be different. However, there are a few educational choices you can apply to each case, to help them make the most out of their career.

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