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Fashionista Zombies - An Adventure in London (WARNING: includes Aliens)

Posted by Serena Murali on May 7, 2020 at 11:42 AM

Imagination and words by 7-year-old Serena. Punctuation help by her mum.

Serena pic for Blog-1Dink Donk! Big Ben struck as I got out of the London airport.

The next morning I got out of my patterned hotel bed to wake my sister so we can go on some London Adventures.

Meanwhile, at the Big Ben tower a shy man was drinking some refreshing Coca Cola out of a recyclable can. When he put his fizzy drink down, he tried to press the shiny red button… suddenly, pshhhh! The fizzy cola spilt everywhere!

Back at the hotel, we were just getting ready to checkout to leave the hotel. The cars screeched on the road! I said to Dad “what’s going on?” Dad said “I have no idea, shall we call the police?”. My sister Mahalya said “good idea”. We typed in 000 and then all we heard was “blblbl”.

Zombies everywhere

Then Dad hung up and Mahalya said “ what was that guy saying?” Then I said “I have no idea”. So we tried to cross the road but argh my Dad’s foot got run over several times and then Mahalya realised “Daddy, look, there is a zombie there, there and everywhere!” I screamed “Arrrrrrrrrr”.

Then dad finally got us over but then bad luck came. We were stuck in a dark dead end. Then oh my shoe fell off but then suddenly a fashionista zombie came with one side of her body white and the other side checkered! We all sank down in the deep dark corner.

There are FEARSOME creepy crawlies scattering around our backs… There is nothing we can do. I started to squint as I got closer to the FRIGHTENING corner. Then my sister whispered “shuffle, shuffle”. My dad tried to shuffle but he couldn't because there came more fashionista zombies!!!!!!!!!!!!

A rusty flying saucer

My sister and I started to scream “help, help!” but no one came. Then suddenly, out of nowhere aliens came flying from the sky in a rusty flying saucer!

My sister and I screamed as loud as fireworks shooting from the sky. The three green aliens twirled all the way back down to land.

Then the aliens came closer to us, so my sister got nervous. And then a beam shone right on us and sucked us up into the alien ship. Then I lean back against the ship, I nervously ask “who are you”?

Then one of the aliens squeaked “we are aliens” and then my sister said “we know that”.

Then my Dad said, we want to know what your names are. I’m Glip, I’m Glop and I’m Gloop. Then my Dad said “are you going to rescue us” and Glop said “yes, we are, we heard you and your sister scream”. Glip squeaked “we are going to take you back to your hotel and get all your stuff and then we will fly you back to your home”.

Back down on land, the fashionista zombies started throwing their necks up and started jumping with their arms, trying to get the flying saucer. Then my sister teased “you’re never going to get us, fashionista zombies”.

Then the aliens quickly zoomed back to the hotel to get the stuff and sneakily went out of the hotel and flew back home.

But then….I woke up and realised it was just a nightmare all along.


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