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Cam's Journey - A 9 Year Study of the Benefits of Fast ForWord. Part 2

Posted by Peter Barnes on September 5, 2014 at 10:28 AM

Fast ForWord Auditory Processing Disorder

In Part 1 of Cam’s Journey we learnt how Cam had been finding it more difficult with each year of his primary schooling. It was really hard for him to keep up with what the teacher was saying to the class, and his self-esteem was low.

Cam’s mother, Deb explains how his distress prompted her to seek help.

“After several months of being bullied at school, aged 10, lots of crying, his teacher unable to “get through to him”, dozens of blank pages, lots of blank stares, social isolation and an inability to get to sleep or stay asleep, I finally decided to have my son assessed by an Audiologist”.

Auditory Processing Disorder

Cam was diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder (APD). This was a significant step forward for Cam and his mother, Deb, because it gave them a possible reason why Cam had been struggling at school. And it gave Deb hope of finding a solution for Cam’s learning difficulties. 

That solution came in the form of a neuroscience-based set of exercises known as the Fast ForWord program.  Cam started the Fast ForWord exercises and did them for six months.

Huge difference in learning ability

After just the first two months Deb noticed a positive change in Cam. She told LearnFast, “After two months on the program I noticed a huge difference in my son’s ability to grasp, retain and recall information, structure a conversation, follow instructions and at last he was able to sleep”. 

The benefits of the Fast ForWord exercises continued for Cam after he had completed them.

Deb says,  “By the time he was entering high school Cam had almost reached the level of his peers. Wow! Something I thought would never happen”. 

Watch Cam and Deb tell their story on the Channel 7 Sunrise Program in 2010


In the next part of Cam’s Journey, learn what he is doing now, four years later and find out how re-wiring his brain with the neuroscience based, computer delivered exercises in Fast ForWord has contributed to his success.

Get FREE APD iBook transcript

Get FREE APD iBook transcript


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