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Brain HQ Beats other Adult Brain Fitness Programs: WA Uni Study

Posted by Peter Barnes on February 2, 2017 at 10:32 AM

BrainHQ.pngA research team from Curtin University and University of Western Australia has just published a Study that looked at the number and quality of studies (in healthy aging) of commercially available adult brain fitness programs.

They looked at 18 programs, and reported that 11 had zero studies meeting their inclusion criteria.

Of the remaining seven, Posit Science’s BrainHQ adult brain fitness program was the clear leader in efficacy, with eight times as many “high quality” studies as any other program.

Commenting on their Study, the researchers said, “Cognitive training may stimulate neuroplasticity thereby increasing cognitive and brain reserve. Commercial brain training programs are computerized, readily-available, easy-to-administer and adaptive but often lack supportive data and their clinical validation literature has not been previously reviewed.” 

Neuroplasticity is “the brain’s lifelong ability for physical and functional change in response to sensing, perceiving and learning; thus building experience that in turn promotes learning throughout life,” according to eminent neuroscientist Dr Michael Merzenich. 

The researchers concluded, “current evidence supports that at least some commercially available computerized brain training products can assist in promoting healthy brain aging.”

Based on the evidence, one of the adult brain fitness products that can help maintain and improve ageing brains is Brain HQ.


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