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Brain based learning. It's for everyone.

Posted by Colin Klupiec on June 22, 2014 at 11:03 PM

access-conciousnessBringing an awareness of brain based learning into the classroom may seem a little unusual for many people. Anything to do with brain training still seems to have a connotation of remedial work. But there is a growing awareness of the fact that teaching and learning really does have a lot to do with understanding how the brain works, and how to activate maximum learning capacity in each individual. Consider this quote.

“Moving neuroscientific research on assessment into classroom practice faces two barriers. First, despite the fact that the work of educators targets the organ of learning, the brain, most teachers and school leaders have little understanding of the architecture of the brain and how it receives, filters, and applies information. Second, work that falls under the various versions of "brain-based" is too often believed to be of greatest benefit to struggling learners, those who historically might be called "learning challenged." Such thinking is short-sighted and fails to recognize the importance of research in educational neuroscience for all students.”

Fortunately, this quote is part of a longer article which presents some very compelling reasons for why our education systems, and attitudes towards education could do with a bit of a shake up. To check out the full article click here.

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