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Posted by Peter Barnes on June 10, 2014 at 12:03 PM

In June and July this year (2014), Barbara Arrowsmith-Young, founder of the Arrowsmith program and the Arrowsmith School is speaking at events around Australia and in New Zealand.

Arrowsmith ProgramWho is this remarkable woman who overcame her own severe learning difficulties to develop a program - the Arrowsmith Program - that treats learning disabilities including dyslexia and memory by using the principles of neuroplasticity?

Barbara Arrowsmith-Young was diagnosed with learning disabilities as soon as she started school and had great trouble reading and writing (she read and wrote everything backwards). She was physically unco-ordinated and often got lost.

She eventually learnt to read and write normally (from left to right) and managed to complete her formal education at school and University, although with considerable difficulty with specific aspects of learning. While working on her Masters thesis in 1982, Ms Arrowsmith-Young observed that standard academic remedial programs had limited success in helping children with specific learning disabilities.

So she went on to develop a suite of mental exercises designed to improve the learning capacity of children struggling with a range of learning difficulties.

Principles of Brain Plasticity

Barbara Arrowsmith-Young says that her experience in tapping into neuroscience research and using the principles of brain plasticity to overcome her own learning difficulties, formed the basis for the development of the Arrowsmith program.

For more about Barbara, the Arrowsmith Program and the Arrowsmith School:

  • Read her book: “The Woman who Changed her Brain”, by Barbara Arrow-Smith Young
  • Read Chapter 2 of “The Brain that Changes Itself” by Dr Norman Doidge.

This is the same book where, in Chapter 3, Dr Doidge describes Fast ForWord, the neuroscience based learning and reading development program which has now been used by over 2 million students around the world.

Watch this TEDx video, “The Woman Who Changed her Brain”

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