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Managing the Challenges of Remote Learning for Children on the Spectrum

How to Enhance Social Skills in Students in Virtual Learning

Introducing Kids To Health Care Careers

9 Tips to Improve How you Learn & Your Learning Capacity

Build English Fast for Students Learning English as a Second Language

How Olfactory Senses Can Help Kids Learn

34 Dyslexia Questions & Answers with Dr Martha Burns

How To Get Young Children Interested in STEM Subjects

Fast ForWord Endorsed As One Of The Most Powerful Reading Tools

Ways to Keep Your Backyard Safe for Children and Pets

How to Help Your Child Settle into a New Primary School

How to Improve Your Child’s Social Skills

How To Help Children Prepare for Their Exams & Reduce Stress

What I noticed in one class after Covid lockdown

Designing a Perfect Homework Environment for Your Child

Elements - Newest Addition to the Fast ForWord Literacy Program for Secondary Readers

Easy Ways To Teach Your Child About The Basics Of Good Nutrition

Risky Play and Its Role In Early Childhood Learning and Development

Fast ForWord Receives Another Gong

Even you, will grow older

Accelerate Learning: Fast ForWord's New Reading Comprehension Program

How to Evaluate Conflicting Research About Educational Programs

Macquarie Uni’s MUSEC Briefing # 28: Academic vs Real World Evidence

Simple Ways To Teach Children About Sustainability

Dyslexia - Symptoms & Treatment

Learn New Skills Faster by Taking Short Breaks

Simple Yet Effective Ways To Keep Kids Interested In Learning

Financial Literacy for Teenagers: 6 Things to Teach Them

Why Would You Send Your Child to Boarding School, If You Could?

Speling?  Spieling?  Spelling? Spealing?

The Changing Face of Education In A Post-Covid World

Artificial Intelligence & Learning (a dummy’s guide)

Inspiring Children to Develop an Interest in Investment

40 years research in 5 hours: the “value of improving attention”

New Insights About the Autistic Brain Confirm Fast ForWord Helps

Tips for Kickstarting Your Child's Career In Social Media

How to Teach Children the Main Pillars of Design

Top Brain Games that Improve a Student’s Focus and Attention

How Music Can Boost Children’s Mental Health In Tough Times

How to Make Your Students Enthusiastic About Learning

5 Tips for Teachers to Ensure COVID Safe Learning for Students

Digital Amnesia- How Technology is Degrading our Memory

How to  Teach Children About Entrepreneurship

Teacher Saw Student Miracles with Fast ForWord

Why Your Child Really Needs to Learn About Cybersecurity

Valuable Lessons Your Child Can Learn From Playing Video Games

Building Student Learning Capacity - The Missing Link in Education

It’s the Law: Every Child Must Read at Grade Level by Year 3

Tips for Teaching Older Children about Finances and Taxes

Help Your Kids Learn Key Life Skills Through Games And Role Play

8 months language & literacy gains in 2 months: gold standard research study

Financial Education At Home: Teaching Your Children Ethical Money Habits

Fashionista Zombies - An Adventure in London (WARNING: includes Aliens)

Tips to Help Your Family Learn More About The Environment During COVID

Helping Your Kids Make Education Choices to Maximise Career Chances

Coroni Village: How 4 Kids are Coping Differently with School-at-Home

How Recording Yourself Improves Your Thinking & Learning

Out-of-School Learning Business - Rewards & Challenges: Monique Peters

How to Capitalize on Your Introverted Personality in Education

Poor Brain Connections Key Factor in Learning & Cognitive Difficulties

How to Get 7 Months Reading Gains in 7 Weeks

What is Fast ForWord123?

Educational Neuroscience:  A Wave of Change for Teachers & Students

Sarah 2.0: Recovering from Chronic Brain Inflammation

The Brain That Changes Itself by Dr Norman Doidge: Book Review

Attention, Listening Skills & Fast ForWord - Dr Martha Burns Update

ADHD, Auditory Processing Disorder or Specific Language Impairment?

When did you finish school? Does it matter for your brain?

Is Augmented Reality the Future of Learning?

The times are a-changin' (at school too): Bob Dylan, Nobel Laureate

Make Educational Neuroscience Work in Your School - 7 Tips

10 Ways to Develop Your Child's Brain for Reading Success

5 Essentials for Effective Neuroscience Learning Capacity Programs

What's Happening with Artificial Intelligence in Education & Learning?

Neuro-performance: Better Brains for Sport, Business and Learning

How To Turn Family Vacations Into Learning Opportunities  for Children

Tutor Anne-Marie O'Hagan: Importance of Family Involvement in Learning

Dyslexia: Intervene Early to Improve Brain's Auditory Processing Speed

How to Teach Kids about Money Management in a Practical Way

“Word Nerd” Leonie Swift: Why Plain English is Key to Communication

Easy Ways to Make Science Fun for Your Kids

How to Learn From YouTube: For Your Studies, Hobbies and Work

How to Make Online Learning Accessible for People with Special Needs

Can Meditation and Mindfulness Improve Your Learning?

Devon Barnes: 35 Years in the “Learning Difficulties Mindfield” .

How Art Can Help Kids on the Autism Spectrum

Brain Fitness for Children in 26 Centres Across Asia & the Middle East

Volunteer Hindu Scripture Teacher in Primary School: Kaushik Murali

Primary Teacher: Success for Her Struggling Students with Fast ForWord

Anne Donnell: Gallipoli Nurse’s Story on New Guided-Reading Technology

Teaching STEAM, “soft” Skills, Minecraft and Lego Robots: John Burfoot

Evolution of Educational Neuroscience Technology in 21st Century

Are Teen Girls More Vulnerable to Bullying than Boys?

5 Keys for Building Maths Skills: Dr Dion Khlentzos

Learning Difficulties: 16 Terms Explained for Parents & Teachers

Online Coaching for Parents of Children with Autism: Ash Bhattacharya

One Book a Day Means Almost 300,000 More Words Before Kindergarten

Teaching Theatre in India: Sophie Bawa - Bollywood, Human Photocopiers

Rebuilding a Brain after Chronic Inflammation: Sarah Rasborsek's Story

Should Your Students Get a Social Media Digital Licence?

What to Wear to Get the Job You Want -  Bernadette Payne

How to Navigate the Transition from School Year 12 to Tertiary Study

What Does Pinocchio & Facial Profiling have to do with Career Choices?

A Free-Range Global Career: Jess Leondiou Explains How & Why

Communicating from Complex to Simple: Dr Judy Ford

How Rapid Trait Profiling Helps Improve Communication & Relationships

Remedial Reading on Steroids - A Learning Support Teacher's Story

How to Make Career Decisions at the End of Secondary School

The 5 Biggest Challenges to Learning a Language

How to Use Strengths & Positive Psychology in Teaching - Penny Nesbitt

Are Robots Coming to a Classroom Near You?

Are You as Smart as a First Grade Student?

Dr Marianela Diaz - Innovative Early, Bilingual Education in Panama

10 New Fast ForWord Features Teachers & Parents Love

Career Planning in Secondary School: Start Early & Keep Options Open

Why Work Experience is Too Valuable to Miss Out on Doing

Mothers and Mothers-To-Be: Memory & Learning Reduced by too Much Sugar

Year 10 Students: 4 Principles for Senior Subject Selection    

50 Year study: Behaviour influences income more than IQ    

560 Sydney Primary Students Sign Pledge Against Bullying

How Do We Reduce Bullying in Our Schools?  NSW Government’s 4 Criteria

4 Year Old's First School Assignment: Make a Video & Post It Online

Jack Ma: Teach Soft Skills, Not Knowledge, to Compete with Machines

Social Skills Training Can Help Lonely Children

Students with Better Social Skills Achieve Higher Test Scores

 Year 12 Final Exam: Turning a Negative Result Into a Positive

Why Sullivan’s Mother got Fast ForWord for Autism Help: Address Root Causes

Read Aloud to Remember More 

Educator Evidence Based Decisions Survey 2017: Teachers Trust Teachers

Ekamai International School: Building English Language Brains Fast

ENS 2017 Asia Conferences: Accelerating Learning for all Students

Apprenticeships & Trades – a Good Way, and Maybe Best for Many

Do Children Learn Enough about their Future Finances?

After the NSW Higher School Certificate (HSC) - What Next?

Elite athletes: Leaving clues to better learning for all students

Is this your future classroom?

Educating with Neuroscience 2017 Conference Series expands to Asia

Autism & Fast ForWord123: What a Difference a Few Months Make

Fast ForWord123 rated highly by techlearning.com

Eyes Not Necessarily the Window to the Soul for People with Autism

Spoon-feeding students – hand it out, or let them starve?

Paying Attention: It's Harder Than You Think

Do Girls Really Have More Maths Anxiety than Boys?

Musical brains and where they can take your children in the future

It Hurts to be Excluded - Educating with Neuroscience 2017 Conferences

Fast ForWord Founder: Award for Contribution to Neuroscience

Improve Executive Function with Fast ForWord123 Exercises

Monkeys Don't Eat Salad: Educating with Neuroscience 2017 Conference

How You Can Spot Weak Cognitive Skills in Your Classroom

25% improvement in writing skills in 11 weeks using Fast ForWord123

How Learning Music Helps Develop Reading Skills: Dr Nina Kraus

What's the one question EVERYONE answers "YES"?

Fast ForWord: How Much Evidence is Enough? Science & Real World

Fast ForWord & Dyslexia: International Dyslexia Association

Advice you didn't ask for: 5 Tips for a Better Life from Dr Merzenich

Social & Emotional Skills: Not Hippie Nonsense, It’s Science

250 Research Studies Published on Fast ForWord & Reading Assistant

New for English Language Learners: Build English Fast Resources

Brain HQ Beats other Adult Brain Fitness Programs: WA Uni Study

Autism: Parents of Twins Design Interactive Social Skills Training

Education – Australia’s Leaning Tower of PISA?

Bullying Can be Even Worse for Children with Disabilities

Double " teaching as usual" reading gain - 146 NSW primary students

A Tale of Two Brain Training Companies: Science vs Hype

How Poverty & Disadvantage Impacts Learning for 730,000 Children

Uni of California Neuroscience: New Insights Into How Brains Develop

Latin Dancing & Brain Training: Keys to Brain Fitness?

3 Famous Neuroscientists: How Brain Plasticity Helps Human Potential

Can Practice Improve Attention? A New Method to Train Attention Skills

What is Neuroplasticity & How Does It Impact Education?  (Infographic)

Classroom environment: Not just rooms of Ikea furniture. Simon Brooks.

How Important are Student-Teacher Interactions? Simon Brooks

5 World Firsts: Fast ForWord Brain Training & Reading Programs

New Wearable Technology So You Can Monitor Your Attention

Fast ForWord Neuroscience Programs a Success at Covenant College

Educating with Neuroscience Conference 2016, Melbourne 26 August

Thinking Routines in the Classroom. Not Just an Activity? Simon Brooks

Cultures of Thinking: Simon Brooks on Using the Force of Opportunities

How Fast ForWord Helped Finn: Autism, Language & Reading Improvements

Cultures of Thinking: Simon Brooks on the Cultural Force of Modelling

How Fast ForWord Helped Heal and Restore a Life: Ester’s Story

Dawson Now Loves to Read, Thanks to 6 Weeks of Fast ForWord

Cultures of Thinking: Simon Brooks on using the Force of Time

Cultures of Thinking: Simon Brooks on Using the Force of Language

Cultures of Thinking: Simon Brooks on Using the Force of ‘Expectations’

Greg Miller shares new St Luke’s Catholic College Innovation Vision

How Students Improve with Educational Neuroscience Programs

New Western Sydney School a Radical Shift from Traditional Education

Should teachers be readers? A light hearted look with two teachers

New Oppositional Defiant Disorder Infographic for Parents & Teachers

4 Neuroscientists: How Fast ForWord Was Built & The Future

Educational Neuroscience Helps Students: Special Needs to Mainstream

Peter Carabi: English Language Learning with Fast ForWord

Educator Simon Brooks: Student or Teacher Centred Learning?

Leadership Expert John Spence: Reading is Path to School & Life Success

Educator Simon Brooks: Implementing Cultures of Thinking in Schools

1 million Students Risk Reading Failure, says Dr Jennifer Buckingham

Dr Pete Goss, Grattan Institute: About NAPLAN & Student Disadvantage

An Education Revolution: Templestowe College Principal Peter Hutton

Special Education Teachers Have Extraordinary Skills

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