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Executive Function: The Foundation for School Readiness

5 Signs of Oppositional Defiant Disorder & 4 Ways to Help an ODD Child

Ruben Struggled to Read & Pay Attention – How Did Fast ForWord Help?

Poor Listening Skills - Could it be Auditory Processing Disorder?

How Your Brain Learns to Read: Professor Stanislaus Dehaene

Dyslexia & Intelligence: Is there a Connection?

9 Tips to Improve How you Learn & Your Learning Capacity

5 Essentials for Effective Neuroscience Learning Capacity Programs

Build English Fast for Students Learning English as a Second Language

34 Dyslexia Questions & Answers with Dr Martha Burns

Fast ForWord Endorsed As One Of The Most Powerful Reading Tools

Make Educational Neuroscience Work in Your School - 7 Tips

How to Improve Your Child’s Social Skills

Elements - Newest Addition to the Fast ForWord Literacy Program for Secondary Readers

Brain Wave Research: Fast ForWord Aids Language-Based Learning Problems

Fast ForWord Receives Another Gong

Accelerate Learning: Fast ForWord's New Reading Comprehension Program

How to Evaluate Conflicting Research About Educational Programs

Macquarie Uni’s MUSEC Briefing # 28: Academic vs Real World Evidence

Dyslexia - Symptoms & Treatment

Speling?  Spieling?  Spelling? Spealing?

Artificial Intelligence & Learning (a dummy’s guide)

40 years research in 5 hours: the “value of improving attention”

New Insights About the Autistic Brain Confirm Fast ForWord Helps

Teacher Saw Student Miracles with Fast ForWord

Building Student Learning Capacity - The Missing Link in Education

It’s the Law: Every Child Must Read at Grade Level by Year 3

8 months language & literacy gains in 2 months: gold standard research study

Out-of-School Learning Business - Rewards & Challenges: Monique Peters

How to Get 7 Months Reading Gains in 7 Weeks

What is Fast ForWord123?

Educational Neuroscience:  A Wave of Change for Teachers & Students

Sarah 2.0: Recovering from Chronic Brain Inflammation

The Brain That Changes Itself by Dr Norman Doidge: Book Review

Attention, Listening Skills & Fast ForWord - Dr Martha Burns Update

ADHD, Auditory Processing Disorder or Specific Language Impairment?

10 Ways to Develop Your Child's Brain for Reading Success

Dyslexia: Intervene Early to Improve Brain's Auditory Processing Speed

Devon Barnes: 35 Years in the “Learning Difficulties Mindfield” .

Brain Fitness for Children in 26 Centres Across Asia & the Middle East

Primary Teacher: Success for Her Struggling Students with Fast ForWord

5 Keys for Building Maths Skills: Dr Dion Khlentzos

Learning Difficulties: 16 Terms Explained for Parents & Teachers

Rebuilding a Brain after Chronic Inflammation: Sarah Rasborsek's Story

Remedial Reading on Steroids - A Learning Support Teacher's Story

Dr Marianela Diaz - Innovative Early, Bilingual Education in Panama

Why Sullivan’s Mother got Fast ForWord for Autism Help: Address Root Causes

Ekamai International School: Building English Language Brains Fast

Autism & Fast ForWord123: What a Difference a Few Months Make

Fast ForWord123 rated highly by techlearning.com

Paying Attention: It's Harder Than You Think

Fast ForWord Founder: Award for Contribution to Neuroscience

Improve Executive Function with Fast ForWord123 Exercises

How You Can Spot Weak Cognitive Skills in Your Classroom

25% improvement in writing skills in 11 weeks using Fast ForWord123

Fast ForWord: How Much Evidence is Enough? Science & Real World

Fast ForWord & Dyslexia: International Dyslexia Association

250 Research Studies Published on Fast ForWord & Reading Assistant

Double " teaching as usual" reading gain - 146 NSW primary students

How Poverty & Disadvantage Impacts Learning for 730,000 Children

3 Famous Neuroscientists: How Brain Plasticity Helps Human Potential

What is Neuroplasticity & How Does It Impact Education?  (Infographic)

5 World Firsts: Fast ForWord Brain Training & Reading Programs

Fast ForWord Neuroscience Programs a Success at Covenant College

How Fast ForWord Helped Finn: Autism, Language & Reading Improvements

How Fast ForWord Helped Heal and Restore a Life: Ester’s Story

Dawson Now Loves to Read, Thanks to 6 Weeks of Fast ForWord

4 Neuroscientists: How Fast ForWord Was Built & The Future

Educational Neuroscience Helps Students: Special Needs to Mainstream

Peter Carabi: English Language Learning with Fast ForWord

How to Deal with Oppositional Defiant Disorder? Dr Shan Ong Explains

6 Maths Myths & 6 Ways You Can Build a Positive Maths Attitude

Improving Reading with Fast ForWord: USA School, Bridges Academy

How Fast ForWord Improved Student Outcomes in Canada School District

Fast ForWord Helped Mac with Auditory Processing, Writing & Spelling

Amelie & Fast ForWord: 2 Years Gain in Reading & Maths Despite ADHD

20 years of Fast ForWord – Where is Educational Neuroscience Headed?

“Phenomenal” improvements for son after Fast ForWord, says Father

Urana Public School: 5 Years of Success - Fast ForWord Brain Training

A New Zealand School Found Fast ForWord & Helped Struggling Students

When Will Educational Neuroscience be an Integral Part of Teaching?

Your Attention Spotlight: How You Can Improve it for Better Learning

Fast ForWord Helped George Overcome His Learning Difficulties

Educational Neuroscience in Action - School & Parent Success Stories

USA Congress Dyslexia Testimony - Fast ForWord Founder Dr Paula Tallal

Dr Martha Burns Answers Two Critical Thinking Questions from Teachers

Six Ways You Can Improve Your Writing with Neuroscience Insights

Is Educational Neuroscience for Real? Dr Martha Burns explains

Can You Have a Maths Brain? Dr Martha Burns explains.

Struggling Readers Need Programs Based on Science - Melbourne Age & Fast ForWord

The New Science of Learning. Teachers Build Brains with Neuroscience

Students’ Achievement: Encouragement, Maths Tables & Learning Capacity

Memorising Maths Tables: old rote learning, or valuable neuroscience?

How Elaine Finally Found a Solution to Her Son's Learning Difficulties

Teachers Change Students’ Brains – How Amazing, says Dr Martha Burns

Auckland Uni Reviews 15 Programs for Dyslexia, Dyscalculia & ADHD

Why Your Working Memory is Important for Your General Intelligence

New Dyslexia Research & Fast ForWord by Dr Martha Burns

The Neuroscience of Learning & Fast ForWord by Dr Martha Burns

Fast ForWord Drives Attention, Self Regulation & Self Control

The Latest Neuroscience Research about Autism from Dr Martha Burns

Fast ForWord & Reading Assistant are Intelligent Tutoring Systems

8 Steps to Help Students Struggling on LearnFast Maths Skills Booster

Hugh's Psychologist Proposed Fast ForWord for his APD - What Happened?

7 Tips for Parents of Struggling Readers - How to Give Reading Help

Why are 11 & 12 times tables useful - at least for learning capacity?

Passionate Teacher Brings Fast ForWord Benefits to Her Community

Fast ForWord Boosted Ryan's Reading & Confidence - plus Spelling Help

How to Treat Dyslexia - What We Have Learnt in 40 Years

Build Confidence With Numbers via LearnFast’s Maths Skills Booster

Is Dr Norman Doidge's New Book as Groundbreaking as His First One?

Handwriting May Boost Learning by Activating Working Memory & Reading

Brain Training Principles in Maths Skills Booster Tool

"Just Try Harder" Will Not Fix Your Child's Learning Difficulties

Why Some Kids Can't Spell - Is There a Better Way to Teach Spelling?

A Very Happy Mother Explains how Fast ForWord Helped her Children

Dyslexia in Children - The Brain of a Struggling Reader

Historic School Helps Students with Latest Fast ForWord Brain Science

Nine Facts for Parents & Teachers about Maths Learning Disabilities

Brodie & Dyslexia - More Success after Fast ForWord

Cam's Journey - A 9 Year Study of the Benefits of Fast ForWord. Part 3

Brodie & Dyslexia - How Fast ForWord Helped His Reading and Confidence

Cam's Journey - A 9 Year Study of the Benefits of Fast ForWord. Part 2

How Auditory Processing Disorder and Dyslexia are Related

The Brain Science of Language, Learning & Reading

How Ear Structure Can Contribute to Auditory Processing Disorder

What Causes Auditory Processing Disorder?

How Can I tell if my child has Auditory Processing Disorder?

Auditory Processing Disorder - what brains do with what ears hear.

How the Fast ForWord Programs Help with Auditory Processing Disorder

Eight Tips to Help Your Auditory Processing Disorder Child at Home

How Can Teachers Detect Auditory Processing Disorder in the Classroom?

How Can I Help Students with Auditory Processing Disorder at School?

Fast ForWord Builds Learning Capacity and Reading Skills

What is Auditory Processing Disorder?

Cam’s journey - A 9 year study of the benefits of Fast ForWord. Part 1

Background noise and students with Auditory Processing Disorder

11 behaviours that separate Auditory Processing Disorder from ADHD

Dyslexia – Where to Get Help

What is Dyslexia - How do I know if I have it?

New Patent for Fast ForWord learning capacity & reading program

Use it or Lose it? – Why the benefits of Fast ForWord are long lasting

Dyslexia is Not a Disease: Its About Brain Organisation

Improving Student Learning Capacity - for better student outcomes

The Arrowsmith Program and Fast ForWord

How strong is the link between Auditory Processing Disorder & Dyslexia?

Could Auditory Processing Disorder be the Reason your Child is Struggling to Read?

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