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5 Tips for Teachers to Ensure COVID Safe Learning for Students

Posted by Jessica Robinson on November 2, 2020 at 6:20 PM

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COVID safe learning for studentsAre we safe? This is the biggest question the pandemic makes us ask every time we step out of our house. We doubt every person we meet and surface we touch, are they the carrier of the deadly infection- Covid-19 ? This doubt stimulates us to take the best safety precautions for ourselves.

But, if you are a teacher, you’ll have to take care of your own safety as well as your students’ safety as the schools begin to reopen in some parts of the world. Although this is going to be a really challenging task, some effective tips can make it simpler for you.

We know that children are notorious, they are always making plans to break the rules you make. So, making rules for them is not going to be of help in this situation. You’ll have to make some special arrangements so that your students have no choice but to follow every safety precaution. These tips provide you with some arrangements that you can make in your classroom and ensure safe learning for your students. Now, let’s discuss them one by one:

  1. Create a sitting arrangement in accordance with the norms of social distancing:

Students are packets of energy. This energy makes it really tough for them to sit still. You can see them interacting with their friends on their seats, in one moment, and playing with them in the other. But, due to the threat of the Covid-19 infection, you have to prohibit them from engaging in such activities. You have to prevent them from going to each other’s seats.

For this, the best way is to create a sitting arrangement in accordance with the norms of social distancing. You should arrange their seats at least one meter away from each other. Along with this, you should also fix their seats and make it mandatory for them to sit in the same place every day. By doing so, you’ll be able to prevent your students from the threat of infection to a large extent and ensure that they learn safely in the classroom.

       2. Make the school bell into a reminder to sanitize hands: 

Regular hand sanitization is one of the best safety measures which can help us avert the threat of Covid-19 infection. So, it is important for you and your students to sanitize your hands regularly. But, when you are engrossed in teaching, it is quite easy to forget sanitizing your hands. This implies that you need a constant reminder that can remind you to sanitize your hands.

Further, the school bell is the best reminder you can utilize in school. As soon as the school bell rings for the next class, you should sanitize your hands and also make your students sanitize their hands before leaving the classroom. This way, you’ll not forget to sanitize your hands and ensure safe learning for your students.

        3.  Spend lunchtime in the classroom with your students: 

The lunch break will be the most sensitive period of time during which you’ll have to take the maximum care of your students. They’ll have the tendency to share lunch with their friends and play with them.

But, you have to prevent this from happening under all circumstances to avoid the threat of the spread of infection. So, it is best for you to spend a lunchtime with your students in the classroom. In your presence, they won’t go to each other’s seats to share lunch and play.

Further, to make lunchtime fun for both yourself and your students, you can play some games with them. These games should be such that your students can play them while sitting in their own seats. Pictionary, Charades, and Bingo are some examples of such games.

        4.  Keep some supplies of masks and sanitizers in the classroom:

In the new normal we are living, masks and sanitizers are two essentials for us. Although your students may come to school with their masks and sanitizers, they may lose them or get their mask soiled. Under such circumstances, they’ll need a new mask and a sanitizer to stay protected against the infection. So, it is crucial for you to keep some supplies of masks and sanitizers in the classroom. This will help you lend them to your students in times of need.

        5. Appreciate your students for following the safety precautions

Appreciation is a great way to keep your students on track and motivated to follow the required safety precautions. Your students feel really good when you appreciate them and as a result, they get motivated to continue the actions they have been appreciated for. So, by appreciating your students for following the safety precautions, you can motivate them to keep following them on their own.

 As teachers, you have to shoulder the responsibility of ensuring your own as well as your students’ safety against Covid-19 infection. The above-mentioned tips will help you with this task. Although things might seem daunting in the beginning, over the course of time, they’ll become easier for you. Now, wishing you all the best and have safe teaching.  

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