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16 Questions Parents Ask About Fast ForWord Brain Training & Reading

Posted by Peter Barnes on December 12, 2014 at 2:44 PM

Fast_ForWord2Parents who want to help their children succeed - at school and in their lives - are looking at the Fast ForWord brain training and reading programs as a way to improve their children's reading and learning skills. These neuroscience based programs can be done at home or school. They build thinking skills essential for learning success (memory, attention, processing speed and the ability to sequence), plus language and reading skills that are fundamental for literacy development.

Here are 16 questions parents often ask about Fast ForWord:

Fast ForWord FAQ # 1 - Will My Child Like It?

A child using the Fast ForWord programs to improve their language skills and their thinking ability will be presented with over 3000 individual tasks each week.

Parents often ask if their child will like the exercises enough to be motivated to complete all the exercise tasks each week. Read more.

Fast ForWord FAQ # 2 - Why is it Unique?

Fast ForWord was developed from neuroscience research and is now widely used in schools and homes around the world. Over 2 million learners have used  the programs since 1999. 

Why has this program been so successful? What is unique about it?  Read more.

Fast ForWord FAQ # 3 - When Can You Expect Results?

Parents and teachers often ask how quickly will the results from the Fast ForWord programs be seen. Read more.

Fast ForWord FAQ # 4 - What if We go on Holidays?

What happens if a child's Fast ForWord program is interrupted by holidays, illness or school camps? Read more.

Fast ForWord FAQ # 5 - What if My Child Refuses to do the Exercises?

It's rare that a student will refuse to do their Fast ForWord exercises. But occassionally a child may be reluctant to do one or more of the exercises.  So what does a parent do if their child refuses to do an exercise? Read more.

Fast ForWord FAQ # 6 - Is There Evidence That It Works?

Is there evidence that Fast ForWord works? Are the improvements that parents and teachers see in children who have done the brain training and reading exercises actually supported by research studies?  Read more.

Fast ForWord FAQ # 7 - Should My Child Do the Exercises Every Day?

Should students should do their Fast ForWord exercises every day? Read more.

Fast ForWord FAQ # 8 - Is it Suitable for My Child?

Can Fast ForWord build the learning capacity and reading ability of every child’s unique brain? Read more.

Fast ForWord FAQ # 9 - How Long Each Day?

How long should the exercises be done each day?  Read more.

Fast ForWord FAQ # 10 - Can I See a Demo?

How can a parent see what the Fast ForWord brain training and reading development  exercises look like?    Read more.

Fast ForWord FAQ # 11 - Is the American Accent a Problem?

Fast ForWord was developed by American neuroscientists and so has words are spoken with an American accent. Is this a problem for Australian and New Zealand students?    Read more.

Fast ForWord FAQ # 12 - Three Months, Every Day?

Learners of all ages do the Fast ForWord programs for a minimum of three months. But do they need to do the online exercises every day?  Read more.

Fast ForWord FAQ # 13 - How Do I get Started?

How do I get my child started on Fast ForWord at home?  Read more.

Fast ForWord FAQ # 14 - What Changes Will You See?

What changes will you see in your child after they have done the Fast ForWord brain training and reading programs?  Read more.

Fast ForWord FAQ # 15 - Does My Child Need Assistance to Do It?

When children do the Fast ForWord programs at home, do they need their parents or carers to help them with the exercises? Read more.

Fast ForWord FAQ # 16 - What Happens When My Child is Finished?

Parents who have seen the positive changes in their children after their time working on the exercises, often ask if there are other Fast ForWord programs that can extend the gains.   Read more.


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